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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Scared Of Swine Flu.

Ok, so if you're like me you're thinking about H1N1 way too much.

Each time you leave and then re-enter the house, you wash or sanitize your kids' hands. Each time they enter and exit the destination of choice (play group, school, grocery store) you sanitize again. You double check that they wash their hands before each meal; you've thrown out last year's still-good playdough; you've just finished washing their kitchen set toys. Or, ah hem, you've just had them finish washing their kitchen set toys. Because, you know, this way their hands have just been immersed in sudsy (therefore germ-free) warm water. Plus, aren't we all looking for creative indoor activities this time of year?!

Ok, maybe this is all just me...

But if you're friends with this girl, you have had your fears squelched...well, at least appeased a little.

And if you are friends with her, you know to take her advise and to read up!

So, my kids are now on Vitamin D (which I freely admit they've never been on before in their lives). Call me a bad Mum or call me a super duper healthy food feeder. Either way, I feel my kids get the majority of what they need through nuts, veggies, and fruit. We're also outside lots and getting fresh air.

However, with the panic that seems to have set in I am upping the daily dose of multi-vitamins and vitamin D...from, well, nada to what I would consider a safe, good dose. And, lucky for me (hopefully you're the same) my kids know that all they've got to do is stick out their tongues and I'll leave a couple drops of Vit D (a taste-free, slightly oily liquid) to suck down. The motivation is that the star shaped, orange flavour multi-vitamin is to follow. It's all natural too, so I don't worry about any sugar or food colouring additive.

If you're looking for a couple of good brands I would highly recommend SISU (mini vits are our multis) and Nutristart is the brand of Quick D that we use. The Quick D is a small (12.5mL) vial but each drop boasts 500IU so it will last you 365 drops. That's pretty great bang for your $12.95 buck. (Ours were purchased at Lifestyles Market but all the health food stores seem to be carrying SISU.)

It's pretty simple.

Just make your kids eat healthy. If they're hungry they will eat. So, hold off on the junk and offer different healthy options.

Wash their hands.

Discourage anything in the mouth except that which is edible.

Take them outside for a breathe of fresh air.

Up the Vitamin D dose.

It's worth it, I would say.


Lola said...

Yay, I agree a million times over! Fresh Air!!!! good post and good pictures :) say hi to everyone for me and tell Mel we are NOT naming our baby Tractor. :)

Dana said...

I fully agree, however, my problem is that my 'family' here in Tbay roll their eyes as soon as I start talking about the sugar content in ketchup or raise a hand to juice. It's stinking hard to get everyone to understand and then respect your choices. How have you gone about that?

Oh and do you have a foolproof way to substitute sugar for honey/applesauce in a recipe or is it just trial and error?