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Thursday, November 5, 2009

More Stuff On Swine

So, the guy (ok, the Fabulous Doctor) who helped get Matt and Steph around North America last year. You remember the journey? The 17,000km run?! Yes, he helped their poor aching bodies ache no more. He established relationships and appointments with doctors, naturopaths, and chiropractors around our continent.

Dr Don, we call him. It's not his last name but he's just not that kind of guy. I'll tell you what kind of guy he is though: A Brilliant One.

He's one of those doctors who will use what most doctors will grab immediately as you arrive at their office with your sicky symptoms...however, he won't jump to those chemical filled medications immediately. He won't even head over to that realm of medicine as a second alternative. He'll first offer many many many other avenues through which you can "cure" yourself. The guy is genius. No kidding. What he has done for just the few people I know who have gone to see him is incredible.

I digress.

So, for swine flu. An easy way to kill it before it enters your system?

Salt Water my friends.

Yes, gargle and rinse your mouth with the age old, cheap as dirt, salt and water combo we all know and despise.

The bacteria is killed in your mouth before it has the opportunity to enter and compromise your system. (Once it's in your system you're done for but if you can get at them before this then you're set. And all that hand washing and sanitizing will help keep them away from your system, right?)

So, gargle in the morning and gargle in the evening. It will be a tough one to get the kids to believe it...and I don't blame them. I'm trying to concoct fun ways to get my guys to rinse and spit. Our kids think straws are cool and we rarely bring them out so I'm thinking this may be the way to go. Or maybe a fun "spit bowl" they get to use only with this stuff? Or maybe even a sticker or something. It seems well worth it don't you think?

Upon talking to my Mum about it last night, she reminded me that even if I can't get them to participate in this routine, if I am around them with a bacteria free mouth that will make a difference. My kisses will be germ free therefore negating the possibility of passing along any nasty bugs. (You know, like the sore throat I've been nursing for 4 days now.)

So there you have it, all you have to do is invest in salt.

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