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Sunday, November 15, 2009

If I were to need to get little girl toys, I would get this.

Well, not that one exactly b/c I can't seem to digest the thought of a $50 kids' stroller. But I would ask Ben to make her one. He could do that right? Doesn't look too hard. He's a smart guy. Plus, I'd get to chose the fabric.

And, not sure if you've noticed the Little Travellers on the side bar but they are just the coolest things. And I'm not in to "things". However, when 100% of the proceeds go to helping those with HIV/AIDS in South Africa, you can't help but think they are just perfect.
Stocking stuffers you ask? Why of course. And what a story you will have to share with any one who asks you about the individually, handmade traveller sitting on your diaper bag, strap, coat, or scarf. What about your kid's hat? We've done that before...remember the adoption pin? That one provokes a lot of conversations. It was perfect.

I'm placing my Little Travellers order tomorrow.

Why don't you do the same?

It will be the easiest life-changing decision you will make all week. I promise.

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Papa/Grandpa said...

Ben could certainly make one of those and you could certaihly do the fabric work.