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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brainstorming Conspiracy

Are you like me?

Do you find it hard to brainstorm 2D on a computer?

I just can't do it.

Obviously, I'm a technology lover, (hence the blog, my main waves of communication being email, work done mainly from through databases etc). I don't think I will ever be able to brainstorm on a computer, in a word doc, or in bullet point form. It just ain't gonna happen. I feel too restricted.

It's like when kids draw or colour pictures. How often do they create far greater work on a large, blank sheet, than when they are given a small 4x4 paper or "just" a colouring book. It all has a time a place but we like big, empty, tabula rasa spaces on which to work out our ideas and allow the creativity flow around here...most of the time.

So, when given a whack of packing paper by friends we set to work using it efficiently. The creative juices surge when crayola and packing paper meet. We eat our meals and snacks on our art, because the paper pretty much covers the area of our table. Don't like it? Just use it to start a fire, heat the room, and grab a fresh sheet.

So, when I was asked to begin brainstorming on how our church will approach Advent Conspiracy I grabbed a sheet of the big white stuff and got to work...yes, with crayons. Yes, alone.

There's something special about Crayola. The waxy chubby crayons bring me back to when everything just seemed easy, simple, child-like. And the best way often to be creative is to set ourselves in a child-like mindset.

It worked. My computer on one side, (navigating good sites and great video clips) and the basket of crayons on the other, I jotted down what I could find online and in my head. Oh - and in my heart.

And what I found excited me at first and then scared me. You see, there are literally dozens upon dozens of (Relief) Organizations out there. They are all doing something great. They are all very well intentioned. They are all making some sort of difference. A majority is focusing on the water crisis in Africa and also on (the welfare of) children.

And that frightened me.

Because here's the kicker:

The more knowledge I posses, the more responsible I become to take action.

Maybe it shouldn't scare me. Maybe I should face it head on and just go for it.

But what do I go for exactly?

You see, currently there are around 884,000,000 (that's nearly a billion) people in Africa who have no access to clean water. That number is anticipated to sit at 2 billion by 2050 and while 40 years may seem a long ways off, it's really not that far in the grand scheme.

So how does one go about making a difference so-to-speak?

I don't know yet. I'm working on it. One day, one idea, one focus at a time.

Because it's now my responsibility as an aware individual and I would be remiss to ignore the opportunity to leave this earth a better place than when I arrived.

How are you scheming? What exciting Advent Conspiracy plans do you have churning in your mind? What will you teach your kids? How will you share with others that Christmas, true Christmas is more than empty consumerism.

We're working on lots. I cannot wait to see what pans out. How our congregation, our family, our friends rise to the challenge to worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all - this will make a difference somewhere.

I'll keep you posted.

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Yours Truly said...

Great post Ashleigh. Can't wait to hear what you come up with!