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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Perfection Of His Timing

And just when the load seemed nearly too great to bear, I arrived home this morning to the most overwhelmingly welcome of emails.

The supplementary Retainer Agreement sat in my inbox, just waiting to opened. Devoured. Savoured.

It even contained a few surprises...we will not have to wait until February 2010 to know if the agency will succeed. We will know by November 30. And because I know your math skills are just that great, I don't have to tell you that is only 24 days from today.

The bigger bonus still...the jackpot if you will...referrals can be realized sooner (than April 2010), should enough supplementary retainers and their accompanying fees be received before the deadline.

Please pray that there are enough of us willing this to succeed. Please pray for the hope that is this journey. Please pray for patience as we see the month through.

This is our final hurdle before our children can become ours. This is exhaustingly, exhilaratingly, nervously, giddily, excruciating.

This is it.

This is our make it or break it deal.

We can do this.

I know it.


Gwen said...

I found your blog through Sarah's blog. I'm another parent with Imagine, and I just have to say HORRAY! Yes, we sure can do it! We doubted and worried about the proposal vote, and look what happened. Let's all hang in there together and pretty soon we'll be seeing referrals and court dates and a whole bunch of new photos on the Yahoo group. I'm so excited!!! :D

Sarah said...

I'm so excited too!!! I set up a poll on the yahoo forum a few minutes ago and there are already 5 votes saying YES that people have or will send their money/retainer in. WOOHOO!!!!!

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

This is just exciting - we are almost there - do you see the end? I can!!!!