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Friday, April 24, 2009

This And That

Though the stretch from 6 to 7 months went relatively fast, this was purposeful.

We've been keepin' busy...
Rollin' and Eatin' sushi with friends

I've been Makin'...

We've been Bakin'
...thanks to Rachael Ray...
These "Gonzo Garbanzo Beans" are to die for.
You know, one of those snacks you don't feel guilty about making a meal of, and then snacking at supper.
Even the kids think they're great.
They help mix - because it's just not as much fun without their help.
Healthy as can be...
And with a few pistachios, some smoky cumin and a few other spices, who wouldn't want to indulge?

We thought "it was time".
Thanks to the good old - ah hem, young - tax man, (I'm married to him) we enjoyed filing ours yet again...and the result is the joy of not burning our house to the ground with this near 30 year old beast.

Instead, I will be in all my glory (not really) while cooking and baking with this.
(As a side note, had we not wanted the luxury of hot, cooked food, the money put towards this bad boy could have purchased one nice lookin' diamond.
I'm just sayin'.)

And in other news, I keep meaning to mention how delighted I am that Madonna was rejected on the Malawi Adoption. Reading the newspaper headlines on that story was the highlight of one of our (barf-filled) Road Trip mornings.

Of course I am one hundred and ten percent for adoption.

Of course I absolutely believe that children are far better off in a home (especially a Forever Family) over institutionalized care.

Of course I believe every child has the right to family.

However, I don't believe that money can buy everything.

I don't believe that stars or anyone famous for that matter, has the right to decide a few days ahead of time they want to expand their family. I don't believe in bullying - especially while using one's financial wealth. Single. Married. Male. Female. You simply don't have the right.

Parenting is a privilege - it is not a right.

I look forward to the privilege once again.

Until then, we'll just keep on doin' a little of...

This And That


~*Liz*~ said...

I love your sight, Ashleigh! Can I have that recipe?? :)


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~*Liz*~ said...

I meant "site". Sheesh. It has been a looooong day. :)