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Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Enough Isn't Good Enough

Isn't it interesting that regardless of what we do in life, there will always be someone who can do it better. There will also always be someone who cannot.

We live in such a comparative society and judgemental era. Magazines, broadcast programs, heck even the papers are proof of this. The internet is probably the greatest culprit in our 21st century.

I think the ability and desire to strive to compete against no one but ourselves, and seek to please our own goals instead of those of our neighbors is a dying trait. And, I think there is no time such as this when this trait should be sought. I would say that is the greatest comfort that I, and likely many of us seek in our God.

He created Me.

He wants Me to be Me.

He's not looking to me to posses the same qualities as a friend of mine.

He's not wanting me to attain the same accomplishments as that Mum who lives down the road, or that friend I've known or admired for years.

Doing more doesn't mean doing better or being greater.

He wants Me to seek after Him.

That's it. No strings attached.

I am wonderful in His eyes, as is.

All that said, there is always an innate desire in all of us, I believe, to want to grow. This is good. This is vital. Without growth we wilt, shrink, fade into less than who we should become. We each have these different areas of our lives in which we feel and likely know that we can be better.

As my Dad says, "Good Enough Isn't Good Enough". And, I think this holds true. However, Good Enough for one person is often Great to another.

I have always loved running...ah hem, jogging. There's nothing run-like about it. I'm no sprinter...have you seen the length of my legs?! People ask how long I've been at it and I can easily guesstimate it's been about 16yrs...which is a long time to be doing anything. Yet, when a person grows up with parents who run often, it's not a hard routine to follow.

As the years have passed, so too has the distance. I love this. Each year I think I can't add another 1/2 or 1 km to my runs. And I do. A year and a half ago, I completed the RVM 1/2 Marathon which I never thought I'd be able to do. And I swore I'd never do it again. (Stay tuned...this will change.) I never thought I'd be able to run just over 21 km all in one go. But, Good Enough wasn't Good Enough and so I did what I thought was Great.

Lately though, I've had this desire to go further. I've not trained, nor do I have any immediate 1/2 or full marathons on the near horizon. Maybe it's that I have wanted to do something just for Me. Maybe it's just that I've wanted a challenge.

So, the other day without any build up other than my 4x weekly runs...ah hem, jogs...I went out with a friend who is training for an upcoming Marathon. And, together we kicked 28km in the butt.

It Was Great.

And then I came home, not extremely sore but a little tired. And the next day I got up and was neither sore nor tired.

I turned on my computer and found out that while I did a Great thing for me...for this would have been only Good Enough - which as you now know, isn't actually Good Enough.

As if his regular, daily mileage (of 42km) wasn't enough, I would like to take this time to remind you that this is after 11 months of running a marathon a day. He has completed the Ironman several times. He's breezed through Marathons many times over. He has now just about completed a year long run around our entire, beautiful continent, (and so has my own flesh-and-blood sister!). However, Good Enough wasn't Good Enough.

So Matt...

Congratulations...You Did Great

And, on a slight publicity note, R41P (Run For One Planet) will in fact be stopping by not only Vancouver Island but they will be dropping in on little ol' Crofton on April 29th. I know they love crowds who want to run with check them out and let me know and I'll hook you up.

Until Great for You.


Lola said...

I went to the washroom in "planet Organic" Calgary and looked up to see Matt and Stephanie looking at me from a poster on the wall. Tears ensued as the world felt a little bit smaller and I felt a little bit closer to you. We'll be there so soon!

Steve Tait said...

Ash - 28kms...that's seriously great...way to go kiddo! Ends up your "good enough" is way better than just "good enough" in my book...;)