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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Road Trip Baby

Day 2

After a rough night of 4 wake-ups for puke patrol, we made it out to the Aquarium...after a much needed bath! (I was serious when I said we have a knack for getting sick around vacation times...)

There's something particularly novel about Nana's tub...we've not yet determined whether it's the soaker-size, the ducks, the Lightening McQueen bubbles or simply the fact that it is hers. Noah spoke a few of the sweetest phrases I've heard, while on our Road Trip Baby. The first of which happened after he'd woke up from this rough night. We were in the bathroom getting ready for his soak...looking forward to ridding his hair of the past night's reminders. He was stripped down and I looked over from running the water.

He was feeling around his tummy.

Poking and prodding.

Pushing his fingers all around as if to squish something from one side to the other.

Making me a little nervous that there was still something left to chuck.

"What are you doing bud?" I asked.

"Checking to make sure the bug is all gone, Mama" he replied. "I think it's all out, I'm better now."

After washing, eating a grand total of a half dozen cheerios and part of a muffin Tait was determined to save for his brother, we headed out in the blazing sun for a morning with the whales.

And what's ironic is that while we had a great time with our amphibious friends, what the boys really loved was...


sharona said...

WHAT!? What did they REALLY love/?????

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

Part 2 of Day 2 :)