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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Road Trip Baby

Day 1

Well, we were off like a herd of turtles last Sunday. Saturday - as you'd expect from our family around vacation time - was full of puke. We seem to have a knack to only get sick (and I meant flu-sick) when we're planning to go away. It is truly a gift. Fortunately, Tait seemed to have rid himself of the bug on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon he was back to his old self. We fled for the ferry, made it on to one of the new boats and enjoyed a beautiful sunny crossing.

Monday we took the boys to Granville Island, a block or two from my parents' condo, to feed the pigeons and enjoy some of the Granville Island traditions I remember as a kid.

This was a fun, bird chasing time!

And no one can resist donuts from the little place inside the market...I remember this treat from when I was a kid!...and think that's half the fun to me. Who doesn't want to reflect on the memories from when they were a kid? Those care-free, less-stress, "life was simpler" times. They are the ones to treasure.





Then, it was off to the park just up by Nana and Pops' perfectly warm, friendly, and convenient!

Day 1 was great.

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