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Friday, April 17, 2009

Recession Leading To Abortion

While online the other day, I headed over to the ABBA Fund site as I do on a daily basis. I enjoy Jason's daily thoughts, insight, information, and the WE LOVE ADOPTION heart of the organization. I also know Jason personally which makes it easier to enjoy all round.

However, the other day his post rocked me. A strong pro-life advocate (duh), I was shocked to read what the recession is leading hundreds of women and couples to destroy: Human Life.

There are few things in life I will truly, whole-heartedly fight for. Children is one of them.

Tooth and Nail.

I Will Fight.

You do not want to take me on in any sort of pro-choice vs pro-life, abortion vs birth, fetal vs actual human life argument. The whole "is it yet a real being?" debate is moot to me.

Trust me.

I Will Win.

And I never say that.

So this is what the recession is leading to...

Due to the shortage of cash, basically, and the state in which we have walked ourselves into financially over the past many years, abortion is on the rise. Seriously up. Not only are single women walking in for abortions but married couples are seeking them also. These are husbands and wives who already have children. These are couples who planned the pregnancy, conceived, then did the math and realized there actually won't be enough money to support another child in the family. These are people without hope.

More women are struggling to afford contraception and that, in some cases, they are risking their physical and emotional health by delaying abortion procedures for weeks as they seek a way to pay the cost.

One married woman told the Tribune she and her husband made the painful choice to end her pregnancy because they could not afford a third child. But the family’s insurance doesn’t cover abortions, and not until her 14th week could they pull together enough money to pay.

Abortion rates have been declining for years, and experts said it is too early to know if the nation’s financial woes will change that trend.

But Planned Parenthood of Illinois says that in January it performed the highest number of abortions in its history. (The agency has a policy against disclosing the actual numbers.)

The Chicago Tribune

The Tribune notes the National Network of Abortion Funds as an office whose members raise funds to help financially support women who are seeking abortions. I am at a loss for words. I cannot believe such an entity can exist - and because women seeking their assistance has increased from 50% to over 100% recently, I would say they aren't going anywhere.

Jason makes note of another thought-provoking article which explains that this timing is not fluke...the economy is playing a very lead role. Some are walking to clinics...long distances...simply because they cannot even afford bus fare. And all they want is an abortion.

And through all this I simply don't know what to say.

I am at a loss because something so basic: abortion terminates a life is so controversial - and I find that baffling.

I recall a paper I wrote in University. It was passionately written but honestly, when I started I did not know what I was getting myself into. I am certain I didn't intend to learn all that much. I likely thought it was just another 20 or 30 pages I had to pump out and write what I assume the prof wanted to read. I was wrong. My paper addressed the topic of being pro-life (ok, I was pretty naive). My paper included paragraph upon paragraph of the Roe vs Wade controversy. If you don't know it, read up...It Will Change You.

I don't recall the minute details but what I do remember are some of the video clips. What I do recall was seeing small, dismembered parts of human life after the abortion procedure. What I do recall is that I could not for the life of me figure out how the Dr performing the procedure, did not consider this to be anything but inhumane.

And so herein lies the good news: there is never nothing that we can do.

Of course adoption is a phenominal decision. And as the silver lining, calls to adoption agencies and similar organizations have increased (in the States at least).

Other options include foster care. A heart-wrenching decision but one that will likely grow you into someone you never thought possible.

Talking with your church and leaders to establish either an adoption fund (these are new up here in Canada - but I can personally assure that at least one exists!), or help those who are in financial distress.

And, while Canadians seem to be relatively wise about our personal spending habits, and we are saving some...there is always room for improvement. We have a responsibility to do more than ever before.

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Sharon said...

I too am pro-life and have never made any bones about it. Even before I knew I was adopted I was pro-life and will be forever. How can a fetus with a heart beat and bones not be a person. I feel sorry for the ladies who think they have to do this and not realize they have to live with this decision the rest of their lives...they have kill their child. Please everyone give the child a chance at life...God has made each of them special and they are here for a very special reason.