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Friday, September 30, 2011


...recognizes "kiss kiss" and will lean into me (or her brothers or her daddy) with her slobbery mouth wide open
...waves hello
...finally (!) recognizes herself in the mirrors and smiles - I don't think she'd ever seen her reflection before last week
...sat on the grass for what I believe to be the first time in her wee life, this afternoon. it may take some getting use to
...still doesn't have any teeth
...slept a whopping 13 hrs last night but, a sleep in (just like her brothers) means she's not feeling 100%
...shoves her (right!) thumb in her mouth the second she feels the need to self soothe for any reason whatsoever still the happiest kid on the block - sick, tired, or not
...screams blue murder when she's hungry
...loves (!) cuddling and being rocked to sleep
...does not like being put in her crib awake a bit of a ham and has quite the personality - we catch glimpses into the depth of this, more and more each day
...has an incessantly running nose
...cries when the pup comes near her in the exersaucer but is beginning to tolerate his wandering around her when she's on the floor

...explodes in her diaper so far, only first thing in the morning (I fear the day it happens in public - and it will, I'm sure!)
...will try any food we offer - plain yogurt is the exception

...has tried yams, butternut squash, peas, carrots, chicken, banana, peaches, applesauce, oats, rice, wheat, pasta
...loves (!) her Baby Mum Mums and is getting the hang of self-feeding
...enjoys her middle brother feeding her cheerios - right on the tip of her tongue - one by one
...responds to "Makeda" after only a week, rather than "Makeda Mihret"
...her middle brother prefers to call her "Makeda Meewhet" though
...curled her legs in the fetal/new born position when picked up one week ago. she would not put her legs out under her, but rather kept them bent all the time
...will now bounce in the exersaucer beginning to enjoy the BOB more and more ticklish and has the sweetest little fragile, gentle, innocent proof of miracles


Joy said...

Delightful update - a joy to read :)

BCMommy said...

My heart melted with that last photo........

Miracles indeed!


The Better Good said...

Hey Ashleigh, our little one had the incessantly runny nose as well until we took her off of dairy took about 10 days-2 weeks but it didn't run again until we experimented and put her back on dairy milk....sure enough,it started to run again :( it is worth a try!

Azi's mom

Derrick, Alysia, and Levi said...

So VERY sweet!

Sharla said...

Loved reading more about your sweet girl! Love the "give peas a chance" shirt!

Katie said...

Oh i just love the last picture! Do you wake up pinching yourself still??