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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Leave Sunday


I leave in just over three days. Count them...just over seventy-two hours.

Holy smokes. I still still still cannot believe it.

(Don't worry bad guys, our house will still be full of people. Like you could find us anyway...ha ha ha. Some of you will get that.)

It has to be a short (and very very sweet trip) for personal reasons but it will be a trip of a lifetime.

I lay awake in bed last night (though I went to bed about three hours later than usual and still couldn't sleep) trying to think of all the things to do, lists to make, and what I still need to purchase for Makeda. You know, the sweet baby girl coming home.

And I figured I had everything. Formula, food, bottles, soothers, blankets, clothes, cloth diapers and wipes, sling, change table, crib...mattress. Ahhhhh! I don't have a mattress for our poor sweet girl's crib. So today, we bought a mattress. And now we are officially ready. Until I lay awake in bed again tonight...

More details to they unravel.

I heard something today that went like this..."Though we can't always see the sun, we know it's there".

So true, isn't it.

This has been a journey of faith. And it's really just begun, hasn't it?!


darci said...

Congratulations:) sweet travels!

Sharla said...

I am so excited for you! You have waited so long to get to this point and you are exactly right...the journey is just beginning! Hold on tight! The ride may get bumpy, but it is so worth it!

Anna said...

OH MY WORD!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!! It's been a journey of faith, that's for sure! WOW, you are just hours away from holding your sweet baby girl forever!! Have a great trip; you're SO CLOSE! Praise the LORD!

Lola said...

I don't think I'll be sleeping... I'll try not to be pushy, but for the love woman, I'll need updates and hopefully pictures. I'm a bundle of nerves and excitement. Love you so much. This is it!

Katie said...

Goosebumps!! Cannot wait to hear about it. Will be praying over the trip....oh Ashleigh!!!! :)

BCMommy said...

SUNDAY!!!!! Oh, happy day!!!!!

Congratulations! I am so excited for you and your family!

Sleep-Eze D work really well, by the way.....may want to invest in some so you aren't a zombie on Sunday!!!


Gwen said...

OH ASHLEIGH!!!!! Bon voyage!!!! I can't wait to see photos of your complete family. I'll be praying for safe travels for you, and a wonder-filled first meeting. God bless you!