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Monday, October 3, 2011

In A Week

It's phenomenal and fantastic to experience all the changes and "firsts" in Makeda's life. Though we missed the first 10 months (less a day), I feel like daily, we catch new little miracles taking place. There have been so many little firsts - easy to go unnoticed by most - we are witnessing each day. We're aware, taking note...not letting a day go by without giving thanks for the one for whom we prayed, waited, ached, and now celebrate.

Each nap, bedtime, morning as (t)he(y) leave for school the boy(s) are certain to hug, kiss, and talk to their sister. She's not ever taken for granted.

There's no jealousy around here. Nothing but doting, care, and attention passed her way.

Well, that's not entirely true: there is a bit of jealousy. We've come to the conclusion that in order to make all things fair, I must write the name of whose turn it is to sit next to Miss Makeda each day at meal times.

No kidding. Each day.

I tell ya, nothing but love.

When I picked Makeda up in Ethiopia her arms were average size and strength, but her legs were very small and weak. When I would pick her up, they would curl under her like those of a newborn...and at only a week and two days home, we are now over-joyed as we watch her...

The girl continues to be a water baby. Woken a wee bit early this morning by, ah hem, her two biggest fans, Makeda was certainly fussy. She spent the better part of her morning in a bath and was as happy as can be the.entire.time. Water in her face, her eyes - she didn't care. She just wanted to splash and giggle.

She's now conquered her dislike of plain yogurt and will (tolerate? and) enjoy it in small doses. She's a new (and big!) fan of guacamole and will eat it quite happily in combo with yogurt and applesauce.

I wondered, as I spooned small amounts into her gummy smile, whether she loved the spice it had to it because the flavours were (subconsciously) familiar and perhaps a reminder of that which she would have tasted in the womb. I wonder. With sadness, I wish I knew. Will she love spice because it's something to which she would have become accustom during those nine months? Or, is it simply something she, as a little person loves and tolerates more than her brothers? These are questions which, I'm certain won't touch the iceberg of questions we will have (and which will go unanswered for awhile anyway) over the course of the next many years. Tragic, isn't it?

For our joy, so much suffering.

For our Beautiful, such great Mercy.

We are pleased to announce that on her seventh night home, Makeda slept through the night (a solid twelve hours) and has since continued to do so. Lovely. Sleep in abundance is simply lovely.

Makeda, in abundance is simply lovely.


BCMommy said...

She certainly is! You are so blessed!


Sarah said...

She is so very beautiful! Glad to hear that things are going well and her brothers are in love with her. Still enjoying reading about your journey!

Erin said...

Ashleigh do you just have tears streaming down your face when you write these posts? Cause I certainly do reading them, and at work none the less. I can't get over your conviction and strength. You are one of the most graceful writers I have had the pleasure of knowing and reading. I am so happy for you and your family. Keep the posts coming, cause I am eating them up with a spoon!

Dana said...

Well said Erin.

Anna said...

I love her grin!! We also had to make a seating chart for meal times!! That's such a good thing. Makeda is so loved- keep enjoying those special "firsts"!