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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Visa Timelines

Thought I'd send a quick update on Visa timeslines...seeing as our documents have now been in Nairobi for nearly a week and a half. Not that we're counting the hours or anything...ah hem.

Things, from what I can tell have slowed a little. Not enough to concern us but it could be a little longer than initially anticipated. It's not a fine science to say the least - all we can do is observe current trends. (And of course...of course...pray and beg and plead and anticipate and rejoice and seek patience and pray some more!!!!!!)

In the meantime, why not a photo or two of our cutie patootie little skater boys. This was the first time ever that they didn't need a helping hand of the Mama-sort. It made it that much more enjoyable for everyone.

And the icing on the cake - and their day - was the purchase of their own decks at the end of the day! Followed by a gift of some previously-loved (but ready-to-use-now) skateboards the following afternoon.

As always, we're so grateful for your continued prayers.

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Melissa Waechter said...

Hi Ashleigh, came across your blog. You have a beautiful family! We are from Alberta, we are waiting for our daughter's visa as well, she is our very first child! It looks like we have around the same timelines. Our doc's arrivedin Nairobi on Aug 19th so still waiting. Cant wait for both of us! Where will you guys be staying? We stayed at KVI guesthouse the first time and loved it so we hope to stay there again.