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Saturday, September 17, 2011

T Minus 17 Hours And Counting

I'm off in about 17 hours.

To Ethiopia.

To get our daughter.

As we painted her room yesterday and last night (it's a long story as to why it wasn't done earlier), and as we sorted through clothes (oh! the clothes - another long story), I just kept saying I couldn't believe why we were doing it.

I cannot fathom through the credit card "I'm going away" call, to the registration with foreign affairs, to the lists for the most wonderful Nana taking care of our boys, to arranging for photos at the airport...and the list continues.

I cannot fathom the reason (or even the reality) for tomorrow's planned destination.

It will be short.

I'm home this time next week. That too is hard to believe.

This time next week we will be five.


I'll try to post (words and more importantly photos!) while there.

For now, please pray for safety, health, safe travel, attachment and bonding.

Meet you on the other side.

Oh - I leave Ethiopia three years to the day that our dossier arrived in Ethiopia.

How's that for Perfect Timing.


Katie said...

His timing is perfect. We will be praying and eagerly awaiting updates!

BCMommy said...

So excited for you, Ashleigh!!!!!!!!!


I will be stalking your blog daily for updates! If you meet the IA social worker, mention my last name to see if it registers on his face....and tell me if you see any little girls 4-5 yrs old at the orphanage...this mommy is waiting for one!!!!

Have a fabulous and safe trip to bring her home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gretta said...

I have been thinking about you all day today and all day yesterday. I am over the moon excited for you. Kaia is thrilled that she will soon meet Makeda. I'm praying for you and so much more. Can't wait to meet her.

Anita Schimke said...

YAH! So excited for you!

tracy hanson said...

I am so excited for You!
My Love & Thoughts to you.

Cristina said...

Oh you guys!!! I'm so SO excited for you! I too will be watching for those first very exciting pictures! Safe travels!!!! :)

darci said...

thinking of you tonight, Ashleigh..try to sleep. :) praying that all will go very well. Happy for you, to soon be home with your sweet girl. darci

Judi said...

God speed Ashleigh. I am crying again as I write this!! Praying that everything goes well and smoothly and that you will be strongly aware of God's arms around you as you end this waiting stage and begin your new lives together.

shannon said...

HI Ashleigh,

Just had to stop in to say I am thinking of you and so very trilled that you are oh so so close.
Enjoy this last few moments
Cant wait to see the next picture.