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Monday, September 26, 2011

At The Airport

I'm back tracking a bit but thought I'd throw up a few shots from the airport. We will eventually get one of the five of us but it's tricky with three (!) small children - one of whom is jetlagged and a Mama who didn't know if she was coming or going that day. (Twenty-six hours of travel will do that to a person.) I am still traumatized by the horribleness of the flight and that's a (somewhat funny) story for another day. There's always a bit more humour when you reflect upon a situation several days later, isn't there?!

We're working our way through jetlag over here...the wee one is taking longer to sort herself out. (It has only been two full days though, I must remind myself.) The nights are long, people. But, we have one sweet sweet, gentle, smiley, cuddly, joyful babe on our hands - you'd never know she's still livin' Ethiopia time.

And now that we're back, there's a ton to do - more than I ever could have imagined...but (this is because) our life has played out much differently over the past couple of months than I ever would have imagined also. (More later.) All good - just overwhelming if I forget to see the forest for the trees...or is it the trees for the forest? Either way, there's a lot to do and not enough time to do it so we are taking one day at a time and taking that time to spend with the one for whom we waited for over three and a half years.

She's perfect.


Dana said...

Yes she is.

Oh wow. Over the moon for you guys.

kelli said...

Perfect! And already so photogenic too! I am so happy for your new family of 5. Hope that back to sleep routine happens quickly enough..

Anna said...

Tears in my eyes as I see your family united (I love the one of your husband giving you a kiss and the boys staring at their little sister)!! Take it easy at home and just take each day at a time.

Kelly said...

Ahh,so sweet! I am crying tears of joy.
I will continue to pray for you and your family as you adjust.
Beautiful pictures!

Melissa Waechter said...

she is perfect....oh incrediably grateful that God blesses us the way he does. We are in Toronto now from Calgary for a 10 hour layover but like you, we were blessed enough to be given tickets to thier lounge as well, wow, I could get used to this!
lots of love,
Melissa (soon to be a family of 3)