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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something Gave

There have been many moments along the way when I've thought to myself, "something has got to give...we can't keep _____" (waiting, paying more legal fees, holding on, wondering, hoping, etc).

The seemingly incessant, continual requirement of updating documents, accepting new policies or requirements can wear on a girl after awhile. "Effective immediately" are words I could live without. The adrenaline rush - while sometimes a welcome change to the pace of a slow day - can become nauseating, exhausting, and downright stressful.

So, while the most recent requirement was another tiresome reminder of the "more more more" theme of this journey, it didn't add as much stress as in the past. I wasn't as bothered. The thought of more paperwork, a visit to our friendly notary, and more fees didn't get me as tightly wound as I would have anticipated. And I even waited expectantly for that feeling of stress so often embodied in a migraine. But nothing - other than a strange sense of peace.

Very odd.

Perhaps I'm becoming numb. Perhaps I truly feel it is one step closer. was a whole lot of prayer (not just ours).

Regardless, I felt a calmness about it. Sure, there was plenty of phoning and running around and emailing - all with haste...but not with the usual "ARGH!" mentality.

And whaddya really was all okay. (Insert heavy-laden sarcasm here.)

Our notary, with uncompromising integrity, signed, dated, and sealed a new document - free of charge.

And though a payment had been made two weeks ago, (two weeks people!) the process for which it was paying hasn't been completed and so that nearly $300 fee will not have to be made again.

The ducks are lining up. Everything is falling in to place. All is now quiet on the western front (for now, anyway).

God's sovereignty is tangibly evident once again.

Like there was ever any doubt.


arnie&bekah said...

HI, my name is Rebekah, we are also with Imagine. I just added your blog last night! I'm jealous of your response, mine was a little more frantic, but today everything had worked out well. We are resting now. GOd pulled through for us too!

BCMommy said...

Hi ladies!

So glad you both got through this without incurring much more expense. I am so hopeful that your papers will arrive and phones will start ringing very soon. I have to remember to just keep breathing. It will all be ok.

darci said...

Hi Ashleigh! We are so much on the same timeline, it sounds like..Crazy road, hey? Oh, I'm so grateful for the grace of our God that has carried us thru. I know, I thought of that 'silver lining' too..that thankfully our stat dec wasn't done yet, so we didn't have to redo that one! (yet, lol!). have a great day! keep holding on! God is in control, and we keep holding on to that. :) darci