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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another First: The Soccer Saturday Edition

Shin guards still on, he's beaming - grinning from ear to ear.

{warming up}

The practice/game combo ended four and a half hours ago.

{my new calling in life:
develop and patent a velco cleat...this lace up stuff gets old, quick}
Never has one small boy been so excited about a game not won.

Another Noah on his team, they wondered what to nickname him. It took moments to contemplate, "Wheels". Later on, within these four walls, it was determined that perhaps "Beckham" would be more appropriate.

{if you know me, you know i'm looking at the wee man in the background
...and anticipating}
You see, we grow 'em small around here. But boy, can they run. Ah hem, he...boy, can he run.

There will be Saturday morning moments in the life of this small family upon which we will reflect with joy. This shall be one. This one was for the books.

Joining the season halfway through, no one would have known.

A loss of 3 - 6 was no biggie: he scored all 3 goals.

The purchase of Rawlings cleats was a highlight: until this Mama was made aware of her rookie mistake. (Well, how was I to know Rawlings only makes baseball cleats?!) Apparently a cleat isn't simply a cleat. Yet, they worked just fine. (Plus, now they'll come in handy for two seasons.)

The animation emanating from each move, more than made up for the face plant which blurred...morphed...into the second goal.

The sheer revelry personified in the lifting ("scores!!") and the high-fiving of little arms was incredible.

Saturday morning's have evolved for us.

I could easily embrace the new role of Soccer Mama.

Now, if I could just remember the right brand of cleats. Oh yeah - and patent velcro cleats.


Anna said...

Velcro cleats- I like that!! Let me know when that calling is fulfilled.
Great pictures!

FTD said...

Love your recount of your super soccer Saturday - both through your photos and comments :) Yayyyyy, Noah!

Chad, Laura, Sara and Seth said...

Oh seriously great pictures - but you always take such great shots. All three goals? Way to go!!! I just can't get over that nothing is covered in snow - not even a little bit - oh, I'm so jealous.