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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slowly...And With Patience

A morning with Crazy Auntie Steph...and a little bird seed.

"Because those big white bad birds like we can't bring bread Mama, we have to bring the seed!" Tait reminded us all. (Uh, when they fly overhead they're all bad birds, kiddo.)

Hmmm, not unlike this journey, those pigeons sure do take awhile to do whatcha' want.

"Heeeere little pigeon...come here little pigeon," repeated one small five year old.

He had the patience of Job.

Though I'm quite certain that is not what finally enticed them.

{my parents own a place on granville right near the market...and since they live out of the country most of the year, we have the privilege of heading over and enjoying it}

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FTD said...

what a great place for a getaway! :)