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Saturday, February 12, 2011

It Doesn't Grow On Trees. And It Is Only Money.

It appears there may need to be some more forking over of that really useful stuff...what's it called again?

Oh right: money.

In an effort not to let something I cannot change get me all in a bind (because nearly $300 twice in nearly as many weeks is enough to make a girl cringe), I'm reminding myself of the important and truthful facts of the matter:

  • I did not enter this world with any
  • I certainly will not leave this world with any
  • If more t's crossed and i's dotted is what it takes, then that's what we'll do
  • Paperwork shmaperwork...I am up for the challenge...and if the name of the game is loopholes, policies, and procedures then I guess I'm in. It is getting a little exhausting though.
We, uh, somewhat enjoyed our Soccer Saturday: The Second Edition.

The practice and game were great.

The rain...not so much.

The liquid sun did not deter one small five year old from playing his heart out. He was the last man standing when the game was called...five minutes before it should have actually ended.

That's what happens when two of the seven players remain on the field. The others (understandably) left for home...were in tears...or refused to play as the feeling in their poor little hands had departed several minutes prior.

The fresh air was still wonderful. (Three out of four members in this household agreed.)

And we live in BC...what did we expect? At least it wasn't minus 20.


elsie hiebert said...

We are in the same boat as you. I can't believe that we have to do it again. UGH!!

Yours Truly said...

Way to find that silver lining yet again Ash! It will be worth it. She is priceless.

Tammy said...

Do what again? What have I missed?

Tammy said...

Ok, now that I've thought about it we need ANOTHER SD don't we b/c of the new undertaking document? Did IA already contact you about this?

Anna said...

Your son's quite the troopper!!
Hopefully the merger will help move things along in a positive light. Keeping you in my prayers.