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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Roll Call

There's a busyness to all this new-agency establishment and an excitement in the air. With the desire (commitment!) to re-instate Imagine successfully, there's a ton of red tape to get through.

So, here's the condensed version as per BDO's General Update in consultations with the new Board of Directors. Isn't it all just so very exciting...

October 5 start
  • all banking established (chq signers, open accts, etc)
  • legally appoint the Directors and Officers
  • hire staff (yeah, I'm thinkin' this is a biggie...they have been identified, mostly)
  • obtain new offices including furniture, phones, file access, databases
  • files (dossiers) handed back to the staff within the next two weeks
October 9 release
  • prepare, issue and release (!) family restart contracts
October 11 deadline
  • apply for license renewal (this is the annual date at which point Imagine has always had to renew...the ministry of children is the governing body and issuer)
November 30 deadline
  • commence contact with Ethiopia considering orphanage relationships and transition home needs
  • travel to Ethiopia (by executive director and one other staff...)
  • revised cash flow for coming 4 months considering actual cost contracts
  • report to BDO
That's it folks. I hope to have more to report soon. In the meantime, keep praying...puuhhlease.

1 comment:

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Great list!! Easier to follow then the one on BDO. Thanks. And let's hope that after they travel in Nov that we will start seeing some real action with referrals.