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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not 'Children's Place' Approved

Several months after being sent metres of perfect jammie fabric from Grandma, several comments from the older one that "It's too cold in my bed," and being reminded of the chill in the air on those 6am runs, I got to it.

Started weeks ago, jammies for the older one were finished yesterday afternoon - button selection by him of course. I love the character of the random colours and assortment of size it that real "home made" look. And I'm good with that. It's not perfect - not by a long shot. But he loves them. They are perfect for him. And this morning the first thing he said was, "My new jammies keep me so warm, Mama".

And because one little boy has new jammies it does mean the other must have them too. In our house, two is better than one and things must come in pairs. Not always, because indulgence is not our department but whenever possible. And it would just seem wrong to put heart into something for one and not the other.

So, while bedtime stories were being read the last button (his choice, too!) was being sewn on. Again, not perfect but perfect for him. Warm, unique, oversized, and he loves them too.

And I love the fact that they aren't made in a factory. I am ok that they aren't perfect - that maybe all the stitches don't line up in perfection. That means there's no one other one.

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