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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oliberte Again

You'll possibly remember my discussion about Oliberte, the coolest new shoe company on the market. With their symbolic desire to teach men to fish and therefore feed themselves for life, they're attaining new levels of media hype and publicity.

It's all for great reason, I believe.

The desire, as their Canadian founder shares isn't to supply people with shoes. He doesn't really care about the product. Well, he does...but he doesn't. The desire is to see those with less, those who struggle in developing countries to earn a mere $30 a month, with employment. Because for these people, employment means greater self-worth, a desire to be more and better and self-sustaining and a dignified part of the human race.

Not only is Oliberte scoring articles in the Globe and Mail but later this month, you can catch them, (him - founder Tal Dehtiar) on the Dragon's Den.

I'm still waiting for my first pair. They'll be purchased once materials all originate from Liberia and are manufactured in Ethiopia. Currently, operations are still starting up in Liberia and the rubber therefore comes from Sri Lanka. Call me picky if you want.

So go on. You've got to catch this Globe and Mail article...

Shoe maker wants to prove Africa can provide a competitive edge

Workers make shoes in Tal Dehtiar's shoe factory in Liberia.

Michael Posner

Globe and Mail Update

At first, the idea sounds simply outlandish: manufacture high-fashion urban casual shoes in Africa and export them to the world.

Even at the best of times, many seasoned professionals know, Africa is a difficult place to do business, burdened by an untrained work force, distance from markets and, too often, political corruption.

But that's precisely the challenge Torontonian Tal Dehtiar has decided to set for himself [...]

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