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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Need A Vacation...Gotta Get Away... you remember that Club Med advertisement song? Maybe I'm dating myself. Perhaps you just don't had some old folks dancing away in the sun, enjoying the heat of wherever they'd chosen as their destination. They were all relaxed and mellow lookin'. Not a care in the world, everything appeared perfect.

Such is fiction, I guess. (Or their geriatric condition.)

However, vacations are truly refreshing. And, while the Birch Bay trip did offer a change of scene and family time, it wasn't overly restful and didn't necessarily wipe away a summer of kid-overload, adoption-chaos, and go-go-go exhaustion.

I Need A Vacation...Gotta Get Away

So, this weekend due to the most wonderful of husbands and a very generous of friends, I'm gettin' away. Solo. Alone. Well...except for the company of that most generous of kind friends. I feel the 2 days and nights will call for tea, movies, jammies, and perhaps strolls through non-child-friendly stores.

I can't wait.

This week has been nuts and after starting it with a real marathon, I feel this is the perfect weekend to head out and get refreshed. We've bounced all over the place this day boasting of a 9:15am start to an incredibly meaty Truth Project bible study, followed by a coffee break with friends, followed by lunch at the camp - thankgoodness someone was feeding us that day! otherwise I would have continued to devour leftover Powerbars...they carried me through - followed by a small child's hair cut, followed by a swim lesson. Phew.

While routine is coming back...and this truly is a has taken a toll. Normal especially...seemed to peek back at us. Finally. Some semblance of peace and happiness and "my old kids" returned as we strolled down the road in our boots, looking for puddles, and ponies down the way. Chatter flowed easily and giggles spontaneously erupted as the cut grass was thrown around the park.

In keeping with one of my goals of being outside at least 4 times a week, rain or shine, we headed to the garden. While mostly all green (and that not being a good thing), there is still some edible nutrition in there...and perhaps one or two of the unripe goodies will eventually attain fruition. Anyone know a good "fried green tomato" recipe? Or, is that just a myth and a great movie?

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