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Friday, October 9, 2009


After a good but painful run on Wednesday, I returned home, stretched, took Advil and then got concerned. I don't usually feel much in the way of pain. Call it genetics, call it youth (or don't...I'm nearly over the hill...oh so I am calling it), call it plain old blessing. I just don't feel much pain and if I do I've been able to appease it with Gatorade or a hot bath. Seriously.

So, when my hip ached to the point that I couldn't put any weight on it upon my return Wednesday I got nervous. (I've never even had any sort of twinge in my hips.) I was relieved an hour and a half later when the pain was could have been the Advil...I was hoping it was my quick-healing-self.

As a side note, Ben had suggested I use a new pair of runners for Sunday's race and being the naturally bright guy he is, you'd think I would have learned by now that listening and acting is a good plan. But I didn't. Not intentionally. I just hadn't given it much thought. Until Wednesday.

But was it too close to the race to switch to a new pair? My old pair really aren't that old. (Keep in mind, I seem to have forgotten that my mileage has been considerably high over the past many months and though shoes don't look worn on top; the insides, upon disection could potentially bring a "real" athlete to tears.)

I digress.
The older ones don't look too bad from the top right?
Keep in mind this is my vantage point four times weekly.

The sides don't even look all that bad.
Maybe the sole of the left one on the older pair is a little worn but not enough to need a new ones.

And then, last night when deciding whether to run my final pre-marathon run in new or old Nikes (therefore determining the fate of the shoe selection for Sunday,) I checked the soles. Wanting to know if I should suck it up and wear the older ones or indulge in a new pair...and risk any pre-run injuries.

And you know how a picture can say a thousand words?

Yeah, that blue on the heals is supposed to be black.
Thick, deep, cushion-filled black.

I wonder when I'll learn to listen to my husband sooner rather than later?

And my run this morning? Bouncy. Air-filled. Fast (oops). Pain-free. Fun. Well, nearly fun. I was still running in the dark at 6am.

Oh - and I've been meaning to mention this for awhile. It's been weighing heavy because partway through the summer, I lost the bounce in my step. (Not literally.) This time it wasn't because of poor footwear. The bounce was missing because the heart of my run...the heart for this upcoming run...was put in jeopardy.

And just under 3 weeks ago I got it back. The passion surged.

Because, while the money raised is going to our local agency. And, though the kids in BC without homes will hopefully be given opportunities because of all those who are running. Because, even though you helped those close to home. And, while many are running for others, for themselves, to achieve personal bests;

This run, my run is for M.

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Mel said...

Yey ashleigh! Ohh I am so happy for what this run is raising money for, that you are doing it, and that thw bounce is back! Haha wow you really wore out these shoes eh?