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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Building On Trust

What a morning.

What an update.

What progress.

We often come to these times of desperation and exhaustion, only to finally knock.

And the door is opened.

How simple. How pure. How calming, comforting, convincing of the true reality of God.

I opened my email this morning to this, (bits and pieces for you, for sake of ease)...

Dear families of Imagine Adoption,

We have been anticipating this first communication to all Imagine families for quite some time, and we know many of you have been anticipating the same! First let us say enormous congratulations to all of you for believing in this dream and fighting to keep it alive. Watching the families involved come together with such passion and perseverance has been incredibly inspiring, and we, as a board and staff, feel honoured to be a part of this endeavour.

[...] Most often we will respond to questions through a bi-weekly general update sent to all families.

[...] One particular question that we know many families are asking right now relates to their position on the "list" of families waiting for a referral. We have come up with a plan that we hope will clarify this for families, without causing conflicts with our confidentiality agreement. We will provide all retained families with a copy of the list of all families in the Ethiopia program, showing only child request (age, gender, single child, siblings, or twins) and the date the dossier was received in Ethiopia. There will be no names of any families included on this list. An individual email will be sent to each family indicating their position on the list and confirming the date their dossier was received in Ethiopia.

Going forward, in addition to our bi-weekly communication, we plan to send out monthly updates outlining how many referrals have been made that month, which will help you keep track of where you are on the list. [...] The purpose of the list is therefore not to give you a definite timeline on when to expect a referral, but rather to give you an idea of where you currently are in relation to the other families in the program and to monitor how the process is progressing.

[...] P.S. The retainer agreements are in the final stages of being prepared and will be sent to families as soon as they are ready.

Adoption Programming Representative

Imagine Adoption
your dreams of family coming true...


emily and mike said...

This is great to hear! I hope that getting a "list" will help ease all the anxiety during the wait.

Hang in there! It will happen : )

Lola said...


FTD said...

Hooray!! What great news!! SO glad to hear you will get a 'tangible' list to help you through next leg of the race :)

Dana said...

tears in my eyes as I read this dream coming true for you and Ben and your boys.