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Monday, November 17, 2008

We All Have One

We all have one. Some people have two, but usually there's one who stands out from the rest. It's not just because of the things she does or what she gives. It's the spirit in which these things are done. They are not done for attention, with the intention of re-payment. They are not offered with the desire of praise in return. The things that she does, the gifts she bestows are simply a reflection of her true self...

She is the one who, when you announce your plans to adopt from a Developing Country is not skeptical. She is supportive. So much so that she writes not one but two letters of reference to your Adoption Agency and your Facilitator.

She listens and encourages. Steadfast and loyal. Offering opinions and expertise only when asked. She is honest, not critical. She does not find fault but seeks first the good. She makes you feel like you are a one-of-a-kind parent...with one-of-a-kind children...when really there are many out there.

She is the one who, when invited for a meal, will offer to bring something. When asked to bring something "fruity" for dessert she brings this ... honour of your adoption.

When invited for your child's birthday party she then offers to bring the which you reply YES and she brings the Mator to end all cakes...a cake so incredible that 5 months later, your son reminds you that, "My birthday is in June, Mama. And I am going to have a Lightening McQueen cake." It's that phenomenal.

When holding a fundraising Yard Sale she is the one who, (along with her incredible spouse!) make an insurmountable task seem do-able; Going as far as asking what Starbucks beverage to bring you on the morning of the Yard Sale...since it will be a long day.

She encourages your children by teaching...not only by reading books she brings but also through Leaf Hunts and Sophie Salmon hunts. She spoils them as only an aunt could.

Oh - and these books she specially chooses for your children...they aren't chosen at random. Selected for their multi-racial components or because they are hot off the press or simply because they were favourites of hers...these are truly special.

She does nothing but what is good, what is kind, what is right.

Her life is not perfect. But you wouldn't know it from the ever-present smile.

She searches her precious "when I was a little girl" toys to bring the perfect gift...for your daughter, half a world away, whom you don't even yet know. Why? Because she was invited over for lunch. Not a special lunch - a chicken strips, fries, and salad lunch. She chooses - out of the cherished collection of dolls and toys that were hers once-upon-a-time - the toy that is now deemed "Vintage" and "Rare"...and Black as only your adopted daughter shall be.

While this friend is definitely not "Vintage" she is a very very Rare Find.

And each day, you realize you are a better person for knowing her.


Anonymous said...

This is a true friend and you guys are so bless to have her in your lives. I am glad my grandchildren know her.


Tracy and Frank said...

you made me cry...more than normal :) and I'm speechless - which usually is a rarity...
Thinking of you and your family frequently brings a tear to my eye along with a smile on my face. I am honoured to call you friend and count it a joyful priviledge to sit on your floor to play cars with Noah and Tait. I always wish I could stay there for have such a welcoming home and heart. Thank you for warming my heart.
I love you Keizers!!