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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Adoption In Action: The Need

Ben and I attended a Transracial Parenting Workshop this past weekend. Becoming an adoptive parent is one thing, becoming a transracial parent and therefore a multiracial family is another ball game. Below is some information offered to us by the large organization that put on the workshop: The Adoptive Family Association of BC. AFABC is one of those organizations we cannot live without. As with many non-profit organizations, the work is endless, but the goal of matching of children with forever families is priceless and rewarding.

More than 1,300 foster children in BC are waiting for a family to call their own. Only 260 out of 1,300 of these children were adopted in 206/07, leaving more than 1,000 children - most over the age of 6 - waiting for a loving family to be their very own, forever. About half of these children must be adopted with a sibling, making the adoption more daunting to prospective parents. Since 2000, the number of foster children in BC waiting for adoption has more than doubled. [...]

Foster children waiting to be adopted are vulnerable and disadvantaged. 98% of the 1,300 children in BC waiting for adoption have a mental, emotional, or physical disability. More than half of these children have disabilities caused by a birth parent's addiction to drugs or alcohol.

[...] As [these children] wait for a permanent home, they get older and less likely to be adopted. They lose a sense of belonging and community.

AFABC has a 1-800-waiting child help line which has seen an increase in 42% in callers from which 46% requested direct information with adoption plans. This is being followed by the adoption of 320 children from foster care into forever families, a 20% increase over the previous year alone. This increased awareness has had a direct impact on teen adoption, by 40%! More teens in homes means less teens on the street, decreased pregnancies, fewer orphans.

It isn't just babies who need homes. It's not just toddlers either. Those who are seemingly "disorder-free" are no less and no more important than their counterpart.

Every child needs a family.

Every one needs to be loved.

Every one needs to be needed.

This is a great, life changing organization to give your time and resources to...and what do you know, they are right in our backyard!!

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