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Sunday, November 9, 2008

November: Highlighting Orphan Needs

Committed to highlighting the devastating orphan situation in our world, November's National Adoption Awareness Month gives me the platform to research organizations committed to helping the parentless.

When we embarked upon our Adoption Journey in March of this year, we had the choice between two facilitators in Ontario. While our Agency in Victoria works between us and our Facilitator, the Facilitator is the mediator between our Agency in Victoria and Ethiopia. We chose between CAFAC (Canadian Advocates For the Adoption of Children) and Imagine Adoption.

We chose Imagine. Impressed by their knowledge, speed of process, and incredible care and attention not only to detail but to their clients needs also. We don't for a minute, regret selecting them as our Facilitator. Susan Hayhow, the Executive Director has been interviewed on 100 Huntley Street and she is committed to keeping the bigger picture in perspective while not losing sight of each, unique orphan.

I encourage you to view her interview but if you don't, for lack of time or interest please know this: While Susan came very close to adopting Ethiopian children of her own, she decided against it. This wasn't a selfish decision. She knew that if she were to adopt one or two of the Ethiopian orphans in need of homes, she would not be able to devote much of the time that she has, to the thousands of others she has impacted. Her dream and vision is becoming reality: The Faith Village.

Susan's (and therefore Imagine's) approach and perspective are truly unique.

At Imagine Adoption, love is more than a warm, fuzzy feeling devoid of content and action. Admittedly, love as a subject may be confusing, but, clearly, all of us who use the word understand it in its verbal form. That is, we practice love. It would be unwise for individuals to be lured into parenting by superficial, emotional feelings. They must recognize that to say, “I love” is to be passionately moved to action in the best interest of those whom they love.

That is why Love is the greatest commandment of all time, and the foundation of everything meaningful and life changing.

Love is sacrificial. Love is unconditional. Love is at the deepest root of all human interaction.

Imagine Adoption has grown and now facilitates adoption through not only Ethiopia but 2-3 other countries as well.

If directly impacting a child whilst allowing them to stay in their country of birth, yet getting an education "gets you", then I would encourage you to follow the links below.

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