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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

National November

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. And, November 15th will honour National Adoption Day. Yep, it's that important! Honestly, I'd never heard of it until we began our journey several months ago. Now it's a passion.

With the US elections finally over, perhaps we can focus on something other than politics. I know I should care more but honestly my political views are apathetic. I know it should be important to me; who is making decisions about what; who believes in this or that. But, it doesn't. I would be lying if I said it did. I vote because of the guilt on my shoulders if I don't. I am encouraged to place an "x" in the box on my ballot. Fortunately, the opinions I do have are similar to those of the person who encourages me one way or the other.

My focus is on what I believe to be of utmost importance: the care of people. The freedom of children. And, the right to self-respect, dignity, and a healthy upbringing. So, with the month ahead of me I look forward to posting about what has been done in the world of adoption...what can be or should be done...what I am doing...what we should all be doing. Please allow the guilt that burdens my shoulders when it comes to voting, burden yours when you think of the millions of orphans in the world. And, maybe not because it is necessarily a passion but rather because you know you something. Do anything. Big or little. Noticeable (in your eyes) or not.

Do Something.

Because Every Child Deserves It.

Because there are less than 50 shopping days left before Christmas and if we can buy presents for loved ones, surely we can donate something to help a parentless child.

If you need some ideas or are looking for something that strikes a cord in your heart, follow along this month. I am committed to highlighting many organizations who support orphans. I will be so bold as to challenge you to gift something to a new organization this year. Step out of your comfort zone and chose somewhere new.

With the continuing draught in Ethiopia, and with the near-genocide in The Congo my natural tendency would be Africa. But, there are needs everywhere. Find the place or situation that breaks your heart and give. Selflessly. Sacrificially, even.

Currently, Ethiopia faces the worst draught in 25 years and only 30% of the food needed to feed the starving (and I truly mean starving) people is available or has been pledged. That leaves 70%. Starved. Emaciated. Too weak to work. Too feeble to muster the energy to eat what is offered.

According to the Ethiopian English language weekly The Reporter, the
United Nations food agency recently announced that it needed $222 million to
avert a major food crisis in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government and aid agencies
estimate that 4.6 million people in the country need around 510,000 tons of
cereals to meet emergency food assistance needs until November 2008 and another
8 million people are chronically food insecure.

A goat would have cost a local Ethiopian about $15 only 1 year ago. Now the cost is between $45-$50. The price of bread has doubled and the cost of sorghum (which is the staple food in Ethiopia) has gone from $0.25/kg to$0.80/kg. Whereas some people would save their few extra dollars a year ago, it now must all go towards food.

Ironically, the Ethiopian military budget is the only area in which the government seems to be putting it's finances. It was just increased another $50 million. Sick.

I could go on but all this is to say: We can all give a little.

A little to you and a little to me is not a little to a parentless child, to a foodless family, to an animal-less village.

Skip a date night with you spouse. Put the $35-50 you would have spent to eat out and buy an item from the list below. These suggestions don't even touch the number of gifts you can purchase for what is such a minimal financial amount to us. Sacrifice a night out and stay in for a movie night instead. Forget the new sweater. Don't buy the "extras" this month. Purchase a few of the "no name" food items you would normally spend the extra money on, when purchasing that brand you love. Those small amount will rapidly accrue. What a lifetime of difference you will make.

Do it because you will bless others.

Do it because in return, somehow and in some small way, I can assure you...


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