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Monday, November 3, 2008

Puff For Pops

Ever since he was quite young, Noah has exhibited an insatiable desire (need?) to play the guitar. Whenever Pops comes to visit, it is crucial we have a guitar for him to play "with" Noah. Not having much musical talent on either side of our families, it's pretty cool to watch this gene shine through.

So, here's to you Pops...enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Noah I know this is for Pops but that is one of Grandma's favorite songs. Did you know this is one of Peter, Paul and Mary (a group)songs. I love how you played and sing and perform all at the same time. So sweet and Grandma and Papa have played it many times and love it.

Pops said...

Noah ~ thank you so much for playing this favourite song. You're such a good guitar player! I'm looking forward to 'jamming with you' very soon!