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Saturday, November 29, 2008

"There Is No End, There Is No Beginning, There Is Only The Infinite Passion Of Life..."

...Federico Felini

This is the quote with which Grant Faint introduces his site. A seasoned, well-traveled, in-demand, and extremely talented photographer, Grant Faint has put his talents to noteworthy use. And all of his talents, from this site facilitate his cause: Images For Orphans.

An accomplished Canadian photographer and filmmaker, he has traveled to 90 countries. He has worked for the well-known company, Getty Images...yet it wasn't enough. Faint has always wanted his work to matter. His life needed to make a difference...hence two films (one currently in production) and this site...among other incredible works.

Faint’s website is a portal to donate and in return receive a selected 17x22 print for helping the orphans.

The name IMAGES FOR ORPHANS underlines the simple connection between his work and the need overseas.

[...] in 2005 Grant worked with ex-patriots from the worn torn country of Sierra Leone in West Africa to build a school for 500 refugee children.

Faint's images are large...beautiful, captivating....13"x19". He prices them at $49 each plus postage, which really is quite inexpensive for such reknown photographer. The cost, however, is his suggested price. He doesn't specify the cost of postage. So, if you want to throw an extra several dollars in there that is great. Otherwise, he covers it.

But, why wouldn't you?

His website is a fundraiser for Tanzanian orphans who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.

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