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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feeling Festive: It's Contest Time

In the spirit of Christmas and in the spirit of Giving (with Advent Conspiracy never far from my mind), it feels like Contest Time.

So, if you are in the spirit of Receiving then please feel free to play along. I've opened up the comments section so anyone can leave a google (gmail, blogger, etc) account required.

Here are the contest rules...
  1. We want to know which of the Orphan-Related Charities blogged about this past month...National Adoption Awareness Month...has had the most impact on you...and how.
  2. Or, share about how this year you are participating in Advent Conspiracy in your own life. How has this changed from years past and what have the consequences (good or bad) been so far.
  3. The contest ends on Friday, December 5th at 5:00pm.
  4. Regardless of how many comments you leave your name will only be entered once for the prize.
  5. If you want to remain anonymous that's fine but if you want a chance at the prize, leave your name with your comment...and contact info if you think I don't have it.
  6. The winner will be drawn at random...from a hat...or a toy box...or a stocking...or...or...or. Seriously, there will be no bias.
  7. I will announce the winner (and the prize!) either late Friday or Saturday morning.
I look forward to hearing what you all are experiencing this Christmas Season.

And, in honour of today's Sunday afternoon activity...


Lola said...

Hey, first off... don't you love those Bamboletta dolls? They are so beautiful!

Next, I miss you!

The way that we are "conspiring" this Christmas is by

1. draw names so we aren't buying for everyone
2. setting a limit of 25 dollars per person and
3. we are trying to make all of our gifts using local goods or materials.

It's made us realize how much we give solely for the purpose of "looking" generous with little thought put into the gift or the person. There seems to be a lot of pressure to fork out the gifts during this time of year. It's been so good for us. It's helped me from going to crazy with kids gifts too.

Pops said...

Well, this year we're planning on giving less in the way of 'material gifts'...and more by way of charity contributions to the truly needy. The greatest recipient is likely to be those benefitting from World Vision. "Small steps" can and do add up!

Of course we're also going to be spending time in the tradition of Christmas Eve, morning breakfast and other such festivities with family - and we're especially looking forward to that!

Anonymous said...

This year we totally are thinking more of the reason for the season.
We have either used reusable cotton bags or reuse the boxes and paper from last Christmas.
We have gone through our home and found some of the gifts or have made most of them. We chose gifts that were more useful or brought back memories.
The cards we didn't use last year were used up and then I made the rest.

We will be spending it with the rest of the family expect you guys but you are with us in our hearts and minds.

The blog that touch me the most was Steve Curtis Chapman one. I cried through that one. And no I do not want a prize.
You have done a great job on the different ways to help others and have made us think of things we usually don't think of or want to think about. It was also a time of healing for me this month about adoption. Thank you very much. You have touch people with the blog and most will never let you know but I know and God knows this.


Mel said...

The Advent Consipracy (sp), an Idea I loved (so much I blogged abot it myself too!) Is what got me thinking the most. Almost all my Christmass presents are done/in the process of being done now.

We are moving so all my presents are hand made/seccond hand (thank-you Criagslist!) or Re-Gifted!

I found am amazing ammout of things my family has collected over the year that is junk or useless to us. But totaly useful to others!

One firend is getting a big Bag of my leftover wool as she loves knitting but her husband refuses to let her spend any more $$$ on crafts (and she uses up her craft budget on scrapbooking)

Kids are getting hand drawn and written stories with them as the main Character! Or slippers, or a crocheted sweater or something I got on Clearance thru-out the year!

Friends are getting Big sized slippers or something off of Craigslist or FREE BABBYSITTING!

That's what I'm doing this year!

Tracy and Frank said...

like Mel - we are moving and re-gifting things that we will no longer need but others may find useful/interesting :)

My dad's side of the family does the Christmas gift exchange game where everyone brings a gift of up to $20 - I suggested that this year we each just bring the 20 and have the money go to 1 or 2 different charities... but they didn't bite. Oh well, I'll try again next year :)

But at least it seems we will each only be buying the one gift (instead of many for a huge family)

Above all, I will be focusing on spending time (not money) when celebrating this Christmas :)