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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Revisiting The Conspiracy

If you didn't get the chance to check out the Advent Conspiracy clip I posted awhile ago, check it out here.

I've been continuing to research it a little, as well as listening to the talk around me, watching the happenings (read: Walmart frenzy), and just trying to observe whether or not the materialism that can become Christmas, really is appearing.

I have to admit that last night, I realized that I had my numbers wrong. I thought I read that Americans spend 450 million each year on Christmas. Nope. It's actually $450 billion. $450 freaking billion. Not that anything in the millions isn't excessive but seriously. When you get to the "B word" you know that Christmas is no longer about the Spirit Of The Season. I defy any one person to object to that statement.

So, Advent Conspiracy is really about the following four concepts...

  • Worship Fully
    • Instead of putting time aside to shop shop shop, we are called to seek love, know that peace is sovereign, and the time to celebrate our King is near. It's looking up, instead of looking to the world. It's what God intended Christmas to be.
  • Spend Less
    • How about just one less gift purchase this year. Instead of sending that book or sweater to a far off friend or relative, more out of guilt than anything, why not put the money aside and give your time. Give You. Christmas is about rejoicing together. No one's saying we should go cold turkey, (no pun intended). While it may not seem like our one non-purchase will make a difference, can you imagine if the millions of us did this? The impact would be significant.
  • Give More
    • What if instead of a material gift, we gave more time, love, memories with family and friends. Instead of hanging out in a stale-air-mall with the rest of the population, why not spend it in a family room. Enjoy some hot chocolate. Bake some gingerbread with your kids. Laugh. Watch a Christmas movie. Volunteer together at a homeless shelter. Make supper for a family in need. Root through your closets together and give the quality clothes and toys no longer worn or played with, to those with less. Give presence, instead of presents.
  • Love All
    • No explanation necessary. Do like Jesus did. Follow the example of the first four Advent Conspiracy following churches. Simply: Love. Boundary-less, class-less, self-less Love.
To some these concepts may seem easy and others they could be the challenge of the year. So, take up the challenge. Get creative. Ideas are everywhere but if you need an easy to find guide, go here.

Ask Questions.

Get Involved.

Conspire Together and Become A Part Of The Movement.

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