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Thursday, March 4, 2010

What About For You?

It's been quite a week around here. Nothing extravagant. The days have gone quickly but the week not so. Do you ever experience that? You turn around and the sun has set, the kids are asleep and you look forward with anticipation to what tomorrow, Friday (let's say) will hold...only to realize that tomorrow is only Wednesday.

We've been busy - playdates, swim lessons, outdoor play, bike name and it we've done it. But through it all we've been fighting the rage of the nasty cold. Almost gone in one, the other is still fighting it. And it may get the better of me.

Perhaps that's why I'm finding this week, for the first time in several, to be hard. I'm frustrated that I can't just let the weight of "when will we get Our Call" of my shoulders.

Why can I not just let it go and know that when it is supposed to happen, it will?!

When she is ready, she will be ours.

Maybe I should simply chalk it up to being human. And a bit tired and cranky and feeling like this week has been a lot about giving of me.

And maybe, as this know, Soulemama has reminded's time to take some time for me.



I have a date with the pavement.

I'll tear it up.

Today? It's for them.

But I was reminded today of how important, how vital that time for me tomorrow truly is.

What have you done for you lately?

Because you can't be feeding others, serving others, keeping healthy, if you don't do something for you.

Make it a date.

Otherwise, you'll never have any time with you.

And that's not healthy for anyone.

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