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Friday, March 19, 2010


It's been quiet around these parts. The blog and posts (or rather, lack thereof) reflect it. The adoption process is following suit. These are seasons. We must endure them. Grin and bear it. Sometimes not grin but simply bear what is present, resting in the knowledge that another season is around the bend. Not wishing them away but instead, seeking refuge in the moments - glimpses - of pleasure, peace, content.

This season is coming to an end. Both metaphorically and in reality.

Hope is peaking it's lovely head over the moutain peaks. Can you see it? You must look closely. You must wait patiently. But she is there...waiting until just the right moment to crest, to rise, and shine.

I am certain.

Yet, the soul needs refreshment before diving in for another swim. For us, it's a family trip. A break. Change of scene. Celebration of two sixtieth birthdays and a thirtieth anniversary. Family together. Sun. Heat. Mindless reading. Schedule-less days followed perhaps by evening strolls. Anticipation of the cresting of said hope. It's coming.

Little ones dance with excitment and relish in the thought of t-shirts and shorts only - no jackets. They anticipate swimming as only crocodiles and salamanders do...all day. Every day.

And me? I will take a little stroll down memory lane. You see, our destination holds much significance. It whispers secrets of days, vacations past. An era when this Mama was the crocodile with a salamander sister, swimming in the (not-so) deep of the pool. Slathered in sunscreen, calling for our Mama and Daddy to come play. Smiling, not knowing the deep need for rest and refreshing needed by those who brought us.

I recall our alarm early on the morning(s) of our departure each time we left. My Dad. Standing in our bedroom doorway, guitar in hand...doing what he does best. Rejoicing in the moment. Knowing the moment would soon be but a memory. And, while the city may not be exact the song holds much value and sacredness in the bank of memories held in this girl's heart. Ones we will surely share this time, ones we hope to pass along. And too, the anticipation of new memories made is nearly enough to send me forth in to a sleepless night.

We're off. Well, nearly. We still have some packing. I hope to post next week. I'll surely be checking my email - eager for any updates which may come our way...and yours too.

Until then, I leave you with these. A little glimpse of the anticipation we all hold.


Anna said...

Your boys are absolutely adorable! Thanks for the reminder that this is only a season which will come to pass. It is very difficult to continue to be patient, but I am encouraged by your post and reminder to have hope! Have a wonderful vacation!

Sarah said...

California!!!! Sounds so fun! Have a great time. :)