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Friday, March 26, 2010

New Number

Well, the month's not done yet but after a Board update today it seems appropriate to post our newly updated number. There have been 23 referrals since...well...inception of the New Imagine. And, I do think that both those words ("new" and "imagine") need capitalization as it truly is a new organization.

I digress, there have been 23 referrals. You'll recall we were 51 (quite happily, I may add) when the list was shared a couple of months ago. So, while I won't subtract the latter from our original number I will more than happily state that we currently sit at 30.


Why, you ask? Well, I believe (at least) two of those referrals have been sibling referrals and they are on a different list than us.

30 seems nice and round though, does it not?


Sarah said...

There is something really exciting about that number!

FTD said...

30... wow :)
what wonderful news to receive this week - a 'happy 18th month' gift!