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Friday, March 12, 2010

Slow Cooker Supper

It's my "go to" and "I'm in a rut" meal.

Anything in the slow cooker.

This morning I threw a garlic ginger sauce together and poured it over ribs given to us from a very kind farmer friend. Then added in a few potatoes.

I forgot about it until the smell warmed me inside just a few minutes ago. Kind of like soup on a cold snowy day. (Oh wait, it was a snowy day.)

It's not that anything's gone awfully wrong this week. It's just that nothing's gone superbly right. No referrals (that I am aware of) so the MOWA situation drags on. I'm not sure what, if any progress is being made on the front of orphanage contracts, etc. There's a possibility of now needing to complete two trips prior to picking up an adopted child in Ethiopia. This was news as of yesterday...coming down from an Ethiopian Courts Federal Level. All 70 international agencies would be implicated. The silver lining is that we'd get to meet her sooner. I don't really see it as a setback.

The hardest thing for me is seeing no progress. Three steps forward and two steps back is how I described it to a friend the other day.

He reminded me gently but honestly that at least we are taking that 1 step forward.


Point taken.

Humbly, thankfully taken.

So tonight. Movie night.

It includes a sugary treat.

Because I'm just feelin' like they need to drown my sorrows.

But because I don't want to feel too guilty about giving them sugar, we've included some almonds. And the popcorn part's not bad. They'll enjoy. I'll enjoy watching them. We all three enjoyed making them.

This will be a rare treat in our neck of the woods.

Onward and upward. Here's to a better week next week. If in no other way than my mental state of being.

We're still in this and that's what counts.

I'd just like to see a little more joy in this joy-filled journey of ours.

Deep breath. Deep breath. Deep breath.

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