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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I've made guesstimates about referral timing in the past, (insert laughter, hard enough to make you double over here). There's no rhyme or reason to when a referral will come. Sure, there's some order to the madness but there are a ton of factors which go in to matching (and eventually referring!) a child to a family.
  • a family's age, gender, health, birth region request(s)...
  • a family's composition including number of children already in the family, age of parents, religious affiliation (or not)...
  • date which file arrived in ethiopia
  • God's timing and plan for said family
  • program changes, new policies, country requirements...
  • multiple other reasons of which we may or may (likely) not be aware
I'm not about to make another guess as to when our Call will come. It would be as haphazard as my getting a hole in one. However, I (we) can pray about it. And we can be specific about our prayers...actually we aren't we supposed to be? There's an element of faith to this specificity, isn't there. Knowing that yes, God does hear the prayers of His children...and then knowing this truth, we must also be mindful, and accept that this is all planned out.

His timing.

His perfect plan. His desires. His omni-presence in the whole situation...the whole journey.

So, while there's no need to share them, (the specifics) I can say we are praying for finite timing. Knowing full well that the dates, months, requests in our hearts, minds, and uplifted voices may not alight with those of the Father...and equally embracing this, His will. It would be greatly appreciated if you would (continue to) pray that our specific requests be heard...and that we would embrace the Sovereignty with which (whom!?) we seek to walk.


Yours Truly said...

Praying hard for you guys.

elsie hiebert said...

I will continue to pray for you guys. The wait is unbearable at times. God will give you the strength to get through this. You guys are so close.

Tammy said...

Praying and praying for you to get the call soon. I truly do understand how difficult it is.

Anna said...

I'm keeping you in my prayers. I know it's hard to trust in His perfect timing, but His timing is not ours. keep trusting in Him. I'm praying you'll get "the call" oh so soon.

darci said...

praying for you, and for us, especially in light of the latest. holding on. email me anytime. :) darci mhovdestad at hotmail dot com
i'd love to be in touch.