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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Patience Is Spelled G-L-I-T-T-E-R

Between the rain and the sun and the snow and the gray and the coughs and the headaches and the plain old "it's an inside jammies day", we pulled out the glitter. It's (the glitter) a last ditch effort to salvage a day that truly could swing either way. It screams "get your super patient, deep breathing" behaviour ready to go.

{yes. one must keep a topped up, hot cup of coffee close at hand, during any crafting involving glue and small children}
Ah, the glitter.

Not much...just enough to keep everyone at bay...including said all of her wonderfully ornery ways.

And, it was fun.

Some of us continued writing our "To Do" lists - initiated by yesterday's power outage. Some of us also found great joy and satisfaction in ticking off tasks already completed sometime over the past 24 hours.

{while i never prepared any lists prior to going into physical labour, after recently glancing over the shoulder of the husband of a good friend - who had just birthed her babe, i was shocked and awed at the detail into which she went, when preparing her "call" list. it got me to is slightly possible that after waiting over two and a half dozen months, i may just be dumbfounded enough to forget who to call...and even more importantly, if i do remember who to call, it is with certainty that i can say i will not be of sound mind enough to know phone numbers by heart! i do believe i'll be grateful if i can say my own name and phone number during those very moments. how horrible would it be to forget to call some of those most prominent and integral in this journey, simply because one did not think to write out her list?! suffice to say, said line item on said list is now complete and ticked off}
Others of us glued and stickered to our hearts' content.

Oh, it was good.

Late last night - a surge of "I must sew something now" pulsed through these veins and so I got to work preparing for one small five year old's party. I trust she'll find as much joy while twirling as I did while stitching (ah hem...and stitch ripping).

It's a simple, quick pattern, (quicker if your brain is firing on all cylinders...which mine is not, as the clock ticks closer and closer to midnight).

{oh! what horrible least you get an mind's eye}

{what's a ruffled skirt without a small handbag?!}
I would highly recommend it (here) - and can't wait to try my hand at it again some day...hopefully soon...and hopefully not for someone else's child. It's not that we don't love to share around here.



You know.


BCMommy said...

Aw, it's adorable! I bet she'll love twirling in it! And let's hope the next one you sew is going to stay tucked in the drawers at YOUR house, going in and out of YOUR laundry!



Yours Truly said...

Love your honesty. You are a brave mama to walk this road of uncertainty and waiting each day. Thanks for sharing your heart. The skirt is adorable!!

elsie hiebert said...

Ah, the glitter. I remember many stressful glitter episodes. Ha,Ha!!We haven't done glitter for many years. (I don't miss it).

Anna said...

You're brave!
Great skirt- I love it!