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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nope, We Are Never Gonna Leave

We added a tiny bit of adventure to our...ah hem...adventure, and hotwired ourselves a new hotel. Ours was fine but we thought we'd try our luck with a cheap deal, a (possibly) new venue and new scenery. Knowing full well we could end up at our (current) hotel, we would still have been paying less using a "new" hotwire deal. So, we went for it...and man oh man did we luck out. I would highly, highly recommend hotwire deals. We've used the site several times in the past and have been impressed each time. We got ourselves incredible digs at the Embassy Suites...for about 20% the regular cost. Yeehaw.

The plumbing is great here, too...just in case you were worried.

It's amazingly calm, quiet, and serene.

You can blow bubbles around a fountain.

And the roses are beautiful...they remind me of my Granny...oh, and so do the Crabtree and Evelyn amenities in the bathroom. I feel that we are going out in style.

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Anna said...

Looks beautiful and so relaxing! (getting jealous- we still have snow on the ground).