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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's September, People.

In case you woke up in oblivion, ignorance, or just plain denial this morning may I take this moment to tell you:
It's September

(You're welcome.)

Holy smokes. Like, where did the summer go? Okay, I know where it went. If I take a moment to close my eyes, I can flip the pages of my memory album and smile.

And, while I can't say I'm excited that it's nearly over, there is a sort of freshness in the air that can surefire precede only the Fall...
  • a chilly breeze
  • a crisp morning
  • an early dusk and later dawn
  • an acknowledgement of new clothes and pre-packaged snacks, as I take a 360 look around every store's nook-and-cranny
As I reflect upon August and narrowly focus on the adoption (and) referral front, I would deem it encouraging. Though, selfishly I hope and pray for more...and soon. Babies, if I could make a specific request.

And I am confident in this hope and prayer as I've been encouraged by good friends as of late. There's been a true sense of trust, desire, and confidence in what is to come. I don't chalk this up to empty promises. Our turn is coming. A friend reminded me that the shadow proves the sunshine. And to this I hold fast. May September create many new families, bring with it much renewed hope, and offer anticipated excitement.


elsie hiebert said...

UGH!! Sept.. I have mixed feelings for this month. I do hope for more infant referals for those that have been waiting forever. And sefishly I also hope for a referal for us.

Anna said...

Thanks for the reminder that it's September b/c it's 30 degrees out here and school's right around the corner. I too have mixed feelings of all that. Praying for lots of baby referrals. Fall- a new season!