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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Token Photo

I still can't get over this.

We all did well.

No tears...

...not even a lump in the throat.

...more of a running into the class while this Mama (and Daddy and little brother) stood outside

..."I'm cutting the cord slowly" I told Mrs B. - a wonderful woman and his teacher for the next 10 months - as I stood outside the door watching as he surveyed the scene and planned which spot looked most inviting on the carpet.

She invited me in.

I declined...knowing that as much as we have worked to give him roots, it was time to allow him the dignity of wings.


The Better Good said...

Hi Ashleigh, sorry I didn't reply to your last email! Somehow it got lost in the shuffle and I just wanted to say thanks so much for the support, thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it.

So, my brother and sister in law are sending 4 of their 6 kids to DCS this year. How weird is that?


Gwen said...

So sweet! He looks so confident. Hope he had a great first week! :)

Anna said...

Glad you all did so well, because it isn't always so easy! He looks like he was ready for his wings!