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Thursday, September 30, 2010


One of the things I missed the most when we started our family and I stopped physically going into an office to work was the adrenaline high of multi-tasking.

I would say, with the exception of a poor manager who was impossible to work with my favourite job was at Starbucks...if I were to consider how much multi-tasking I inevitably had to do. My current (non-home) job - during a crunch time - provides some adrenaline pumping multi-tasking but it's not the sheer go-go-go calibre of trying to keep on top of 10 different drinks at one time.

And, while there are many mundane days throughout this job of staying-at-home, there are also many that are, and will always be, what I make them. The past few have been nothing short of multi-tasking in all my glory.

Today's activities thus far include but are not restricted to:

7am get up, do "unofficial school work" with kindergarten child

8am get kids b'fast

8:15am get in shower

8:16am 2 small boys of good friend arrive...friend leaves (wonderful husband entertains for 12 mins while i shower/get dressed)

10:00am snack w/ friends and our boys

10:30am whip upstairs during a small window at which point all 4 small children seem to be playing quietly

10:31am blow dry hair

10:33am hear screaming downstairs and run out of bedroom

10:33am and 05 sec step in cold, yet still soft pile of dog poo on shag carpet right outside bedroom door

10:33am and 07 sec refrain from cussing at dog in presence of small children and thank lucky stars for new carpet soon. clean up said poo...the verdict is still out on whether or not it was a good thing feet were bare

11am take 4 small children to dog park to play soccer (thankful for sunny weather)

11:40am get home

11:41am put wet smelly dog in kennel therefore finding apple-chunk-barf - a result from yesterday's sneaky apple binge while out in the garage. yum.

11:42am bake applesauce muffins before small amount of non-canned applesauce in fridge goes blue and fuzzy

12:00pm make 4 almond butter and banana sandwiches for 4 small children

12:05pm successfully feed small children without any ordeal (this would have been more impressive if I had previously stated that children under my care were 1, 2, 3, 5 yrs)

12:55pm begin making lunch for husband

1:05pm mother of small children picks her kids up

1:10pm husband arrives home for said lunch

1:15pm friend w/ small children departs with much more chaos than had been heard 3 minutes prior to her arrival

1:35pm husband leaves for afternoon of work

2:20pm different friend arrives with her 2 small children (girls! yay, some estrogen)

2:25pm youngest child sleeps

2:45pm bake brownies (i think i was bored or stupid?!)

3:00pm cut, thinly slice and bag apples remaining in garage before a) they rot b) dog eats them, therefore leaving vomit in his kennel again - either option was imminent

3:25pm get small no longer sleeping child who was just woken by one small child, who slammed a bathroom cupboard door while looking for a flashlight to "make his tent brighter" (apparently the rays of sunlight beaming through the window were not at that time sufficient)

4:40pm present time. must concentrate and focus on keeping eyes open...which should not be problematic as 3 small children are thundering around the house in a foot race and fourth, smallest child continually repeats - in the sweetest voice - "oh oh"

Today, this job gives Starbucks a definite run for it's money.


Our little family said...

I had a good chuckle... and wow like I said you are a super momma and this would definitely count as crazy multi-tasking! Thank you for watching my girls and for the brownies.. even if it felt like a stupid move at the time, I am ever grateful!! They were delicious!!!
I hope tomorrow is a much slower paced, relaxing day for you!

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Can you say SUPERMOM!!! Were you wearing a cape the whole time or just when the kids were around? :)