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Monday, August 30, 2010

A VeggieTales Message

Our kids were never really "into" VeggieTales until the past year. While they don't watch much, often when the TV is on we try to make selections which offer some sort of lesson. I was pleased to learn today that not only has VeggieTales come out with a new video but it is in partnership with Show Hope and Stephen Curtis Chapman. We've supported this ministry in the past and are continually impressed with all their efforts and achievements to help orphans globally and enable thousands of families to adopt.

It's A Meaningful Life includes an adoption story and more.

From the sounds of it, we will look forward to adding this one to our Friday Night Movie repertoire.


Anna said...

We LOVE Veggie Tales. My husband and I love "it's a Wonderful Life". I'll have to check this new one out, especially as it includes an adoption story! Thanks.

The Hattons... said...

As a family that loves VeggieTales, I am so excited for this one.