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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Currently, my favourite room in our house is my sewing room...and not just for the obvious fact that it's mine. And, on that note it's not actually a "real" room. It doesn't have four walls but rather two walls and a window wall that looks down across our front yard and driveway. Some say it's the best room in the's definitely the brightest.

That's not actually the reason for it being my favourite. I love it because of the decal on the wall which reminds me daily that it's crucial we don't wish time away in the never ending desire for more, bigger, better, another stage, something else.

Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments
-Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Surrounding this are many framed photos of time shared as family.

This summer our boys moved from their toddler beds to bunks. Included in this small overhaul was the removal of some toddler-esque photos from their walls. Winnie the Pooh was replaced by the redone dresser and an old school desk and letters on their door, marking their territory. And, for awhile I've had my heart set on painting a few green stripes on a wall or two to tie the whole thing together.

However, when I think of converting the now-guest room into a room for another small child I often draw a blank. Oh, I have several ideas one of which includes not over-pinking it. Everything in moderation, right? And I have often thought that some sort of mural would be awesome.

And then Peel Monkey was brought to my attention and I now need to look no further.

And better yet - there's a giveaway on the table. You should head on over and check them out. There were a few that caught my eye...I'm sure you'll figure it out quite quickly!

Here's to being the lucky gal!

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