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Friday, September 24, 2010

Apple Sauce Conversations

Tait: Mama, no one eats as much applesauce as me, do they?

Me: No, they don't.

Tait: Some kids don't even get no applesauce and don't know what applesauce is.

Me: That's right. You are Noah are very lucky.

Tait: Like the kids in Ethiopia. They don't get applesauce because they don't have apples. And some of the babies are born in the houses and the big kids have to take care of them. And the big kids bake for them. Some of the kids know how to bake things.

But some kids don't. Noah doesn't know how to bake things.

Okay, I'm all done my applesauce now.

I love this kid.

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Sharla said...

totally off topic, but I know that you were interested in entering the Peel Monkey giveaway. It is up now at my new blog