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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3am Ramblings

Before I mutter useless curses at the cricket outside, I must remind myself of the blessing of living somewhere in this populated planet, where our land is large enough and grass thick enough, and surroundings silent enough that I can hear even this small creature in the wee hours of the night. I am thankful.

I just wish it wasn't a 3am sort of thankfulness.

Truthfully however, if there is a reason to be awake at such an hour, this one (my dear cricket friend) is much better than that to which I have been privy over the past 72 hours.

It's been a bit of a go around here. I can now officially claim no fun in cleaning vomit off one small five year old's top bunk at midnight. (As if that needed to be made official in the first place.) The poor guy managed to perfect his aim into "the bowl" during the course of this flu but it wasn't a fun feat to accomplish. And unfortunately in this case, as with many things in life: practice did make perfect.

I can also claim that having a body which will happily reject an unwanted flu bug via the top half of one's body would be phenomenal. I must master the art of throwing up in my lifetime. Let's call it some sort of twisted goal, achieved only once before. Ever.

I have never ached the way I have this week. This evil bug got hold of the eldest sweet boy and his Mama and raged until it could rage no more and we thought it was done...only to have it come back for one more small kick at the can. Here's to hoping it is truly gone and that it is one to which you do not fall victim. I never knew the follicles of one's head could ache but I am now here to proclaim: they most certainly can.

I have felt much to say recently but with no words. Prayers. Utterances. Nothing forming full thought, sound, and intelligent wording has come to mind so while I guess it is safe to say that while I am back to blogging I feel it could be more sporadic than in times past.

Briefly I will share I recently finished up a book shared by a friend who is a transracial Mama herself. Her kids are a bit older as is the book and while the concepts weren't new to me, examples shared and scenarios offered were enlightening throughout. While it may often be repetitive, I don't feel we can ever educate ourselves enough on raising healthy children: black, white, yellow, purple, or green. It's a responsibility that comes hand-in-hand with the privilege of becoming a parent.

Raising The Rainbow Generation would be a good read if you're looking for some education on raising your children in a multi-racial world, in a healthy way.

There have been several referrals over the past 6, (okay, it is 3am) 7 days now. I'm pleased as it means paperwork is being completed and documentation is coming out of the offices it should be coming out of. However, with the exception of one, all referrals thus far have been for older (and) sibling children. And, while I whole heartedly believe that this process is about so many things and is so multi-faceted that beginning such a monologue would certainly not do it any justice at would be truly exciting to see some of those who have been waiting for over 24 months for their infants, to become family.

I believe each and every child deserves the opportunity at a healthy, happy, dignifying life. And my prayer is that those who have been waiting so very very long will see their patience come to fruition. The recent announcements have been encouraging (!) nonetheless.

So now, while my friend outside seems to have silenced himself...perhaps he has found slumber, I shall try and go do the same.

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shannon said...

I was up with the sound of a cricket as well and two purring cats.

It has been a fast week and so exciting to see the referrals come in.

As always I am excited to see more and cant cant cant wait for some infants to be paper ready as well. I will feel better when I see movement all across the data base.

Hold strong
Shannon waiting for a baby girl