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Friday, July 10, 2009

What I Want To Say And What I Have To Say

I admit I've been a bit silent lately.

The rain had us down...seeking winter, indoor activities. Somehow the brain just doesn't function in "indoor activity" mode when it really should be sunny. But, lack of choice encouraged me in this direction while the boys were busy building in the basement...

Maybe the normal busyness of the season has kept me away. Maybe it's the sun that currently has a better pull on me than the computer. Maybe it's that I really really, more than anything want to share new and exciting news on the adoption front. And maybe it's simply that I don't want to post simply to post. I want to be purposeful - have real meat in my messages.

Right now though, there is nothing new.

We are enjoying, truly enjoying the day-to-day activities the summer brings.

With two weeks down and eight to go, the summer has once again taken on it's own rhythm. I love this part. We're into this time enough that we know what to expect but the exhaustion of a week-after-week routine has not yet become trite.

We've been playing. Serious, down in the dirt playing.

We've been not-so-much enjoying the joys of homeownership.

Taking care of business can sometimes come at a cost but the cost is worth every penny.

So for now, what I have to say will have to suffice because what I want to say is not yet available.

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