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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not Much

I'd love to share new (and encouraging) information but right now there is nothing. We continue to wait in limbo to know if any fees will be recovered and much, significantly, life-changingly more importantly, we wait to find out if anyone will take over the files.

There are simply so many waiting families that it is a huge undertaking for any agency. I'm getting antsy, having lived in limbo of "when will this happen" for so long now that this extra anticipation and question mark is really hard to bear.

The Ministry of Ontario updates it's site when there is more and new information, and this is where the majority of my info comes from. This is also where our agency gleams a lot of the details.

It is also truth.

Please continue to pray to the God Who moves mountains, for a miracle.

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Lola said...

We are still in prayer for you and waiting for more GOOD news.